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A convoy of UK fire trucks leaves for Ukraine

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Iraqi-born entrepreneur uses business to help Ukraine

STORY: When Iraqi-born American businessman Emad Ballack viewed footage of the outbreak of war in Ukraine from his office in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, he decided he had to act. As civilians streamed out of the country, Ballack, an ethnic Kurd, began a day trip to kyiv, a city he has called home for more than seven years. “I’ve been in Ukraine for the last six or seven years working, making friends, emotionally attaching myself to this country. And that’s why I decided to come back, be with my friends and try to do everything I can to help.” mobilizing support to deliver food, basic necessities and clothing to civilians and security forces, through their businesses and political and business connections. After arriving in kyiv on March 8, the businessman began preparing free meals for security forces and civilians at his restaurant, while collecting donations mainly in the United States. “Obviously the restaurant is closed, but the guys are trying to help. The oven is hot.” .We are trying to prepare some meals./ He is making cheese pizzas for the ladies in the army who love cheese pizzas. So special for girls. Thank you Sergei.” Using his e-commerce company Zibox, Ballack is organizing the delivery of goods to the Polish border with Ukraine, where local authorities help with logistics to deliver aid to those in need.” Fighting means not just carrying a gun and shooting someone. Fighting in these cases means many different ways. You can help You can help people who need it.” Not sure what the future holds, Ballack said he could bring more of his business to Iraqi Kurdistan.

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