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A cameraman obstructs athletes at the Oregon World Cup by not realizing they are running


A television cameraman from the Oregon Athletics World Championships, focused on capturing a triple jump athlete in action, didn’t hesitate to don the tartan to get the best shot. However, he had not realized that in parallel he had just started another test, the 3,000-meter hurdles and that, without wanting to, he had become another barrier to be avoided, this human one that he had to add to the 28 hurdles seven jumps from estuaries that the hurdles must encounter.

Spanish athlete Sebastián Martos was one of those closest to him. He explains to this newspaper that when he saw him, it occurred to him to yell at him, inform him of his arrival and leave on time. But he had a moment of clarity that could prevent greater evil: a voice could startle him and cause him to move abruptly, which could result in him colliding with one of the runners who was carrying a heavy object like the camera, and caused a fall that left one of the contestants outside of the fight.

The sentence did not affect the outcome of the race that took place this Monday and in which the Moroccan won sophia However, the Bakkali forced them to deflect their trajectory. “The Kenyan motioned for me to hold on to him so we could both walk past his side. The rest went outside,” says Martos.

American road blocker Evan Jager also made comments about the incident New York Times. “I was worried he would dive one way or another at the last second, but luckily he didn’t realize we were there until we all got past him,” he said. In the test, the Spaniards were not among the finalists. Dani Arce from Burgos (8m30) was tenth and Martos from Jaen (8m36) was fourteenth.

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