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A British model denounces that Equality used her image in a protest campaign without asking her permission



British model Nyome Nicholas has denounced on her Instagram account that the Equality Ministry used her image for the poster of the campaign without her consent to claim the diversity of bodies without complexes in the summer.

The Women’s Institute, a body affiliated with the Ministry for Equality, on Wednesday launched a “Summer is ours too” campaign to break down stereotypes and claim that “all bodies are valid”.

With this initiative, the women’s institute wants to fight against “stereotypes” and against “aesthetic violence” that occurs on beaches, in swimming pools or in other places in summer.

The campaign, shared on social networks under the hashtag “#ElVeranoEsNuestra”, is accompanied by a poster illustrated by Arte Mapache showing five women with different bodies having fun on the beach in summer.

Among them is the British model, who has praised the idea of ​​the poster but has criticized its “poor execution”. “My image is being used by the Spanish government in a campaign, but they have not warned me or asked me to use it,” he denounced. “They could at least tag me,” he lamented. At the end of his message on his Instagram profile, Nicholas mentioned the Minister for Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra.

For his part, the illustrator of the same has apologized, through a series of messages on his Twitter profile, for being inspired by photos of models for the campaign and also for having used an “unlicensed” font, as the creator explained .

“Following the legitimate controversy surrounding the image rights of the illustration, I reasoned that the best way to mitigate the harm my behavior might have caused is to distribute the benefit of this work equally to the protagonists of the poster and the purchase.” to distribute typography license (I contact them to solve the problem as soon as possible). I made this poster for €4,490. It’s wrong that I calculated €84,000,” explained Arte Mapache.

As he has indicated, his intention was not to abuse the image of any of the protagonists, but to “transmit the inspiration” that these women represent to him.


Source europapress.es

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