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A bloody Nowruz holiday… Iranian soldier kills 4 of his colleagues

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An Iranian soldier sowed an atmosphere of sadness in Nowruz, after he killed 4 of his military companions in a camp in the city of Dilam, in southern Iran.

And the Iranian Mehr news agency reported, citing informed sources, that a soldier killed four of his colleagues in a camp in the town of Dilam after opening fire on them, while taking a fifth soldier hostage.

The sources said that “what the soldier did against his military colleagues in a camp in Bushehr province was due to the refusal of the military leaders in the camp to grant him a leave of absence on the occasion of the Iranian new year and the beginning of the holiday. of Nowruz”. .”

According to the Iranian source, after the soldier killed four of his colleagues, he took another soldier hostage, but was later released.

The Fars news agency said the guilty soldier hijacked a car on a street near the camp and fled to an unknown destination.

The agency indicated that the driver’s wife immediately called the police, who took steps to give the specifications of the car, and when the soldier was stopped with the car, he collided with a police patrol and managed to escape.

Military service is optional in many countries around the world, but in Iran, as in other countries, men are sent for compulsory military service.

The length of military service in Iran is 24 months, and so far there have been several campaigns within Parliament to abolish conscription, but military officials refuse to do so.

Those who oppose compulsory military service see it as a waste of time for young people in the golden age of life; While many conscripts resort to different methods to escape, or at least shorten their military service; In particular, marriage and having a child.

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