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95 years to undo 68 curves of the port of Querol


On July 20, 1963, man walked on the moon for the first time. “I’m not going to make any comparisons,” joked the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, but… Shortly before, Puig had read what is believed to be the first claim to works at the port of Querol in Morella, dating back to 1927. This Wednesday, 95 years after that request, it was erased from debt on all balance sheets and from now on a viaduct will avoid the 68 curves of the port of Querol on the N-232, more than triple that of the Alpe d’ Huez, queen of so many stages, has starred in the Tour de France.

A total of eight kilometers, two lanes – one for each direction plus a lane for slow-moving vehicles – with 11 bridges and 60 meters high and almost 500 meters long have broken what the Valencian executive has described as a “secular wall”. For this she had the visit of the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez who, after an investment of 50 million euros, underlined the “backbone” nature of the infrastructure and its fundamental role in the executive’s commitment to social cohesion and territorial. In fact, Querol was one of the few ports on the mainnet that was not yet adapted.

The route is only seven kilometers and about 15 minutes shorter than the old one, but “besides the advance in speed and comfort, it represents a major advance in terms of safety and dramatically improves the capacity and functionality of this road,” said Sanchez said. In fact, Puig, mayor of Morella for 17 years, recalls the many accidents that have been recorded on this road, which has often been a snow line for the Els Ports region of Castellón. Both Sánchez and Puig have also highlighted the value of the work for the connection with Aragón.

“You wouldn’t have done it like that 30 years ago,” declared the district president, before highlighting the work not only from the point of view of the challenge for the engineering sciences, but also from the point of view of integrating it into the ecosystem in order to minimize its impact. In addition, special steps have been developed for fauna, acoustic screens, ecological walls that allow the implementation of plantations that minimize visual interference and the use of the current road as an access road for access to all farms, farmhouses, forestry operations and public forest to avoid opening new roads and temporary diversions.

Viaduct over the curves of the Port of Querol (Castellón).mitma

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urbanism, Raquel Sánchez, who also attended the inauguration, described the work as a “historic milestone” and as an improvement in terms of mobility, safety and connectivity. Ximo Puig not only wanted to highlight mobility, but also the impact on rural tourism and the food and ceramics sectors, since it is a widespread route for transporting raw materials for the sector.

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