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8 causes of tinnitus and ways to treat it

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Tinnitus takes many forms, including hissing, distortion, clicking, and ringing. It is characterized by the multiplicity of its causes, some of which have nothing to do with hearing or the sense of hearing.
The Cleveland Clinic explained the most important causes and ways to treat them.

loud sounds

Loud sounds damage cells in the inner ear, causing random electrical impulses to be sent to the brain and causing tinnitus, which is why hearing protection valves are used in a noisy environment.

The random ringing for a few seconds is explained by the excessive amount of earwax, which can accumulate and clog the outer ear. If there is a large amount of wax, cotton should not be used to clean it, because this may push the wax in, but you should visit a doctor to remove it in the correct way.

hearing impairment
If there is a problem in the inner ear, the cochlea does not receive the signals well, this causes ringing, which is a common case of hearing impairment, and a specialist should be visited, as they may recommend the use of assistive hearing aids.

Some medicine
Some medications cause or worsen tinnitus, especially those including pain relievers, antibiotics, some diuretics, antidepressants, and chemotherapy. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted when tinnitus appears.

dental problems
TMJ disorders cause clicking or clicking sounds when the mouth is opened. And bruxism makes tinnitus more noticeable, so see your dentist to make sure.

head and neck trauma
These traumas damage the inner ear, auditory nerves, or brain functions associated with hearing, and this type causes tinnitus in one ear, requiring a visit to the doctor.

underlying medical conditions
Some underlying health problems are associated with tinnitus, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and some tumors, including acoustic neuroma, Meniere’s disease, or abnormal fluid buildup in the inner ear, which require medical evaluation .

Northcut vitamins
There is a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and tinnitus. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause ringing in the ears, and studies show that taking vitamin supplements leads to significant improvement after 6 weeks.

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