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6 reasons why Xavi asked to include Mohamed Salah in Barcelona

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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has requested the inclusion of Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah in his squad to be Camp Nou’s first striker next season.

According to the Spanish press, headed by the Madrid newspaper “AS”, Xavi chose Mohamed Salah for several reasons, the first and most notable being the profusion of goals enjoyed by the Egyptian international.

In the following report, “Al-Ain Sports” reviews in detail the most important reasons that led Xavi to ask for the incorporation of Mohamed Salah to Barcelona, ​​​​despite the fact that he is not an explicit attacker in the first place, according to the newspaper “Brand”.

scoring skill

The newspaper AS said in its report on the advantages of Mohamed Salah that tempted the Barcelona coach to ask him for a contract, that “Salah’s presence will guarantee Barcelona at least 30 goals a year.”

Mohamed Salah has scored 28 goals this season for Liverpool in all competitions, and before that 31 last season, and 23 and 27 in the previous two seasons, while peaking in his first season with Liverpool when he scored 44 goals.


The Spanish newspaper also spoke of considering Mohamed Salah as a player capable of playing more than one role on the field, starting by playing in the center of the right wing, until reaching the center of the Franco striker.

Salah said in a statement 3 years ago, in which he praised his German coach, Jurgen Klopp: “Klopp made the game easier for us, he knows how to rotate, sometimes I play up front, sometimes on the right and sometimes on the right”. left.”

age of mohamed salah

The element of age will also be one of the factors favoring the Egyptian pharaoh as he is now 29 years old, which means he has 3-4 years to present a high competitive level in world football.

their physical abilities

Mohamed Salah has enormous physical abilities that have recently become the focus of interest and admiration for the pharaoh’s followers, not only in the Arab world, but throughout the world.

Mohamed Salah’s muscle display during the goal celebration against Crystal Palace in a 3-0 win last September garnered comment from fans, especially as the shape of the muscles was strange, like bird wings or palm fingers.

salah muscles

Furthermore, Salah has a strict diet that he is willing to adhere to, and his personal life is not distracted by emotional crises.

industry goals

Apart from the scoring abundance that the Spanish newspaper was talking about, there is an additional factor that cannot be overlooked when talking about Salah’s abilities, which is the goal.

The numbers say that Salah scored 110 goals in his club career, including 57 assists for Liverpool, 22 for Roma, 17 for Basel, 6 for Arab Contractors, 4 for Chelsea and the same for Fiorentina. .

As for the Egyptian team, Salah scored 25 goals in all tournaments.

Salah and Klopp

Switch from attack to defense and vice versa

In addition to his scoring and goal-scoring skills, Mohamed Salah has special abilities to switch from attack to defense and vice versa.

Jurgen Klopp’s method with Liverpool helped force every player in the team, including Salah of course, to play defensive roles when the team was in a defensive position, before starting to make the counterattack that the Reds also shone under. team address. Egyptian pharaoh in doing on many occasions.

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