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6 Empowering women to inspire their inner badass this International Women’s Day

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These GALs (Gymondo’s Awesome Ladies) are why it’s cool to be a woman in 2022.

Winners of Gymondo’s #CelebrateHer campaign, these 6 GALs were nominated by those who felt inspired and empowered in their presence. Here are their inspiring stories.

heidi black

Who doesn’t love a good mother-daughter story? Sari nominated her mom Ella Heidi as her GAL Here’s why:

“My mom always encourages me to grow beyond my current self and aspires to be the best version of my future self. Even when life gets dark, she is my anchor in the home. She is the best collaborator, she gives me a sense of security and at the same time motivates me to tackle the difficult problems that life sometimes throws at me.

“But it’s not just about me, she never stops believing in others and helps everyone around her become the best version of themselves. Only now, she shifted her focus from herself to herself and began to love and accept all that she is. That deserves a round of applause!”

Diana Leiding

According to friend and nominator Catalina, “My GAL, Diana tenaciously sets and pursues goals, which is incredibly inspiring and motivating to watch. Even more inspiring is the fact that she never gives up, even when she runs into obstacles. Thanks to Diana, I now stick to my own goals and try not to give up, even when the going gets tough. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thanks to my GAL for simply existing. Life is better with her in it.”

Helen Kolb

When Krystina saw Gymondo’s Instagram post promoting her GAL campaign, she immediately thought of her friend Helena.

“A little over a year ago, Helena and I found Gymondo together. He still sticks with the fitness programs and often suggests exercises that he thinks I might like. Her passion for fitness extends to other areas of her life. Everything she undertakes is approached with passion, motivation and a lot of fun. I am so grateful to have her in my life.”

kim gerke

Kim is a professional dancer who lives in Berlin. If Ella Kim isn’t acting, she likes to ride her bike around town, read a good book, or concentrate on her own personal care routine.

According to her close friend and nominator Anastasia, “My GAL Kim always has a space for me to express my feelings and follows through with extremely helpful advice. I love my mama llama and she loves me.”

Isabella Kluetz

Isabella likes fashion and loves spending time outdoors while listening to good electronic music from the 80’s and 90’s. She is a dog lover and shows love and kindness to both animals and people.

Her friend Lisa nominated her because “Isabella can be trusted at any time and she’s always there to lift you up, even when you’re down. She fills the room with good energy and positivity. I love you GAL.”

kim crossman

This is what her nominator Alice had to say about Kim.

“Kim is my gym and yoga buddy, and she’s smashing it as Customer Success Manager in tech sales. She inspires me every day with her kindness and positivity and brings joy to everyone she meets!”


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