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5 very complete imported feminine perfumes

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One of the main characteristics of imported perfumes is the glamor and power they bring. A feeling of charm and elegance is quite common when wearing these perfumes, more so if you receive a compliment on the perfume.

With that in mind, Brazilian YouTuber Letícia Maci compiled a personal list based on her own experience as well as research on retail sites of the 5 most beloved imported women’s fragrances.

5. My absence (Giorgio Armani)

The floral fragrance arrived in Brazil in 2021 and came with the promise of being a modern fragrance. It has a versatile aroma, being able to be used in different situations and climates.

Top notes are orange blossom and bergamot, middle notes are tuberose and indian jasmine, and base notes are vanilla from madagascar, white musk and cedar from virginia.

4. Good Girl (Carolina Herrera)

It is a classic fragrance, featured in several lists of best-selling and best-selling fragrances. Unlike the previous fragrance, which is sweeter, Good Girl has a sensual and striking amber floral aroma, ideal for walks and dates. Due to its high level of projection, it is best to go with sprays.

Top notes are almond, coffee, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are tuberose, jasmine sambac, orange blossom, orris root and bulgarian rose; base notes are tonka bean, cocoa, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, musk, cashmere wood, amber, cinnamon, patchouli/oryza and cedar.

3. Free (Yves Saint Laurent)

Libre is an Ámbar Fougére fragrance, something unusual in women’s perfumery, as it contains lavender, a typical note of male perfumes. However, the white flowers present bring femininity and power to the fragrance. Precisely because of the lavender note, it can be shared.

Top notes are lavender, mandarin orange, black currant and petitgrain; middle notes are lavender, orange blossom and jasmine; base notes are madagascar vanilla, musk, cedar and ambergris.

2. Idol (Lancome)

It is a very young and cheerful perfume, becoming the most delicate perfume among those mentioned. It has a floral and bright aroma, where the rose stands out. It can be used during the day, even as a perfume for the car.

Top notes are pear and bergamot; middle notes are turkish rose, centifolia rose and indian jasmine; base notes are white musk and vanilla.

1. Life Is Beautiful (Lancôme)

Another scent from the same brand, but this scent is older and more grown up. It’s a striking and sweet scent, which will bring compliments. It is the most striking scent on the list due to the very obvious Patchouli note.

Top notes are black currant and pear; middle notes are iris, jasmine and orange blossom; base notes are praline, vanilla, patchouli/oryza and tonka bean.

Source metroecuador.com

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