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5 big companies that started to rely on NFT… Know it now

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5 big companies that started to rely on NFT… Know it now

If you had told me a year ago that the NFT would achieve the results it achieves today, I would not have believed you at all. The NFT and the availability of non-replaceable content on different platforms is no longer just a purchase and benefit factor for simple users. Even large companies are now an integral part of NFT. Some very large and global companies have even opened the door to making premium NFT content available. Here is an overview of some of them.

Samsung: Create graphics in NFT format

Samsung started relying on the NFT in two different sections: The first section, which is to provide its own products that can be purchased through the NFT. We are talking about graphics somewhat related to Samsung products. It even made it possible to browse and watch through a dedicated app on Samsung TV screens. The second section is to provide a complete environment for users to create and create their own NFT images and offer them for sale through the Samsung network (hub). The company seeks to enter this field as a broker or store related to the purchase and sale of NFT content, and has achieved positive results so far.

Adidas: NFT-style clothing and footwear exhibition


Do you see the image above? Did you notice anything different about him? Well, Adidas has released a redesign of the popular NFT pack, Bored Apes. The difference this time, however, is that these photos or the package are wearing adidas clothing. If you research the shoes, then the suit, both are designed by Adidas. The latter wants to make a group of famous figures in the NFT world wear his own clothes and then resell them as works of art. Adidas is still not very popular in the NFT world, even though it was the first big company to enter this field.

EA: Allowing Play-for-Profits in its popular games

EA is famous for being a video game manufacturer, in recent years the company has not achieved much success because it is difficult to compete firstly and secondly because they are a bit “greedy” to provide a large amount of purchasable content in the game. And his belief in the “Pay to Win” principle, that is, whoever has money to buy paid characters and weapons within the game will have the advantage. So the company is turning to an alternative outlet in an effort to save its games, which is the inclusion of Play To Earn technologies. Players can now purchase, upgrade, and upgrade NFT characters and sell them on the platform’s Marketplace as rare NFTs. We haven’t seen anything practical or real from the company yet, but it has released its initial blueprints, which makes it a sure thing.

META: move from social networks to the metaverse

Meta Company (formerly Facebook) will completely move from the world of regular social networking sites to the world of metaverses. In the world of the metaverse, everything is in the form of an NFT that can be bought, sold, and traded. Recently, Meta announced that it will add an NFT buy and sell store directly to the Instagram platform. Literally, he said, “That would be nice, as users would like to buy clothes and items for their metaverse characters, and they can buy them on Instagram and buy them in the form of NFTs.” The development that the entire Meta company is heading towards depends on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and then the NFT. You will have access to a whole virtual world full of new items that you can buy in the form of NFTs. And even make your own stuff and sell it on NFT too.

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