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48 hour attacks on Gabriel

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Gabriel Felipe Plaza ―“I am from Humanities to the core”― stood on the first day of the EvAU, the new selectivity of centuries. A mixed sandwich was prepared, a cup of milk with Nesquik and an orange juice. More of that the next day. It is convenient not to touch the morning rituals when they brighten glorious mornings. The results came weeks later: a 10 on all tests. Well, by and large no. In German it got a 9.75. The final grade: 13,964. 36 thousandths “one says quickly, one learns a lot, one sees little” of the highest possible grade. The best student in all of Madrid: the top.

In the face of such a feat, Carles Francino was one of the first to speak to him in a delicious interview in Window, in the BE chain. Plaza came out of the anonymity of his Madrid neighborhood of Canillas. From the public university where I studied to the epicenter of the digital world. If you currently type your name into Google, you get 652,000 results, most of them with your face on. Of course he didn’t even appear 15 days ago.

Going viral on Twitter is very similar to Andy Warhol’s famous phrase: “In the future, every will be Famous for 15 minutes.” Or weeks. That looks like years… In the afternoon, Plaza, 18, told the radio why he wanted to study classical philology. “It’s better to do what pleases you. I prefer happiness to certainty of success.” Immediately – though some before that – the Twitter hordes began to rebuke and insult him. In other words, hundreds of real users, hidden in balaclavas from anonymous profiles and with malicious intent, searched the Internet for his personal profile and dedicated himself to destroying him. In fact, they are still visible. “Then we complain about the precariousness.” “What a shitty race.” “The humanities aren’t that important if I live without them.” Etc. Yes, there were also congratulations, certainly more, but we’re talking about criticizing an 18-year-old boy for just studying what he likes.

Last Wednesday, Sergio del Molino dedicated his column to the young man from Madrid: “The general burriness has inhibited Gabriel, who has refused to give further interviews.” Ojiplático I wrote to a colleague of windowwho gave me his number. Plaza immediately replied, “Call me at six.”

“How are you?”

“I felt very overwhelmed. I had to deactivate my account.

He shut down the social network for 48 hours. “In networks, everything is crowded. I’m not used to it”. Why do you think people act like this? “Networks connect you to many people. We are exposed to stimuli and see the lives of others. Behind the barrier of anonymity, it is easier to express an opinion about others, than doing this with first and last names.” After a while, he speaks openly about anxiety: “Yes, I had a lot. Then there was the built-up fatigue. He almost hit me in the street. I had to sit and stand for a while. “I know everything is normal. I know fear well because it’s not the first time. Now I’ve had stressful moments. I keep getting notifications!”

In addition, of course, there was seeing his name in many digital media, sometimes perversely. With aggressive headlines, they were looking for a simple click with their picture. “They made me want to send them straight to hell.” A 48-hour carousel with your name on it. And despite everything, it does not change course. “What makes more sense than learning languages? New technology and productivity are throwing us through the roof, but that can’t be everything in life. It’s not just about money.” There it is.

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