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4 Houthi terrorist elements were killed in the battles of Yafa’, southern Yemen

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Southern forces in Yemen announced early Friday the death and wounding of 10 Houthi terrorist elements in battles on the Yafa border between Lahj and Al-Bayda governorates.

Southern forces launched precision artillery strikes on concentrations of Houthi militiamen, including extremist al-Qaeda elements, who were attempting to carry out a ground attack, resulting in heavy losses for the coup plotters.

The southern forces said in a statement that at least 4 terrorist elements of the Houthi militia were killed and 6 others were wounded, and that a drone launched by the militias exploded on the positions of the southern forces in Yafa, on the border with Al – Zahir district.

The southern forces attacked gatherings of the Houthi terrorist militia loyal to Iran in the “Raishan” axis, while the militias were not preparing to infiltrate the positions of the southern forces in the line of contact.

According to the statement, a soldier from the southern forces was injured while trying to shoot down a booby-trapped Houthi drone, before detonating it.

The Yafa front is witnessing continuous clashes between the units of the southern forces and the Houthi militia from the direction of the Yemeni al-Bayda, in an attempt to advance, but all attempts by the militias have failed, according to the statement of the south cash.

A few days ago, a military source told “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” that Houthi militia groups, in which members of the terrorist organization are involved, attacked the positions of the southern forces in Al-Hedd Yafa, from their positions. in the town of “Al Humiqan” in Al-Zahir district in neighboring Al-Bayda.

The southern forces broke up the Houthi attack and carried out a counterattack on the sites of the coup plotters and the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, which takes Al-Bayda as a bastion to manage its activities, and its elements and leaders participate in the fighting. alongside the Houthis within an undeclared alliance of terrorist organizations, according to the source.

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