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3rd league: Türkgücü stops playing immediately

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Türkgücü Munich has to stop playing in the third division. This was announced by the club on Thursday through its bankruptcy administrator. According to the German Football Association (DFB), Türkgücü can no longer meet its current payment obligations and thus economically maintain game operations until the end of the season. This means that the club is the first to be relegated from the third division.

On January 20, the Munich team submitted a request to open bankruptcy proceedings, and now the club has announced that it will no longer be able to play the seven remaining games in the third division.

“Further maintenance of the game’s operation would only have been possible through the provision of new capital from a third party. The expected revenue from the game’s operation until the end of the season cannot cover the running costs by much,” CEO Max said. Kothny is quoted in the press release. “Despite intensive efforts in recent weeks, unfortunately no new investors could be found.”

The withdrawal has consequences for the league. In accordance with the DFB rules of the game, all previous games are canceled and are no longer included in the table, which has an impact on the fight for promotion, among other things. 1. FC Saarbrücken, who won both games against Türkgücü, lost six points. Only one point is deducted from TSV 1860 Munich.

Manuel Hartmann, who is responsible for the third division as managing director of the DFB, told DFB.de that it was “negative for the entire league and the competition if a club was eliminated during the season.” The fact that there are now table changes is “not an optimal solution” for Hartmann. But the competition “would also be distorted if all the games that the club no longer played were automatically classified for the respective opponents.” According to Hartmannn, the DFB is “self-critical” about insolvency and will “of course check whether mistakes were made in the approval process.” Hartmann explained that Türkgücü’s personnel expenses for gaming operations had increased from three to five million euros originally.

Türkgücü’s future is unclear. Whether the club will continue to play in the coming season and, if so, in which league it is not yet clear.

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