The President of Castile-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, together with the Minister for Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero, has visited the advanced command post installed in Casas de Uceda – JCCM/A. PEREZ HERRERA

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The fire, which originated in Valdepeñas de la Sierra in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara, is already affecting about 3,000 hectares and the Castile-La Mancha government believes the next few hours will be “crucial” in cushioning the recorded advance from North Head “Because of the potential he has.”

This was explained by the Minister for Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero, in an appearance before the media at the forward command post in Casas de Uceda, where the President of Castile-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has also moved. He was prudent and had called for “the maximum prudence and responsibility of all citizens” so that they take the utmost precautions.

As he explained, the orography of the area does not “accompany” since it is a very steep scenario. “We are concerned about the north front and the wind appears to be shifting after 5 p.m. and that may cause conditions to change.”

For this reason he has not dared to predict if they will be able to stabilize them, although he has stated that at the moment they are trying to concentrate all aircraft and helicopters on this northern front to try to cut it off and to do not prevent advance towards the Jarama Valley and also show continuity towards the Sierra de Ayllón.

The City Council, also accompanied by several mayors of the region and the technician of the regional device of the Infocam plan, Pepe Almodóvar, explained that since early morning, another 15 aircraft have been added to the land resources that have remained throughout the night “and there’s even a high-performance bomber”.


Throughout the night, the land resources have been working “very intensely”, indicating that they are trying to circle this entire fire, insisting that the center of gravity is in the north and that worries them the most since the orography makes it “very” difficult of Access to the terrestrial means, therefore it was necessary to involve more air means, until now a total of about 250 people working on the extinguishing work has been reached.

He recalled that last night the population of Matallana and La Vereda were also expelled as a precautionary measure and he insisted on the importance of taking extreme precautionary measures, recalling the publication of a resolution containing three very specific measures that you said last Saturday in They came into force on Monday and will apply until next Saturday.

“Unfortunately, we were not wrong about prevention: high temperatures with strong gusts of wind and relative humidity represent the perfect cocktail for any carelessness to trigger a forest fire,” he said, pointing out that these measures are not against anyone, but to help Defense against something belongs to everyone, “our natural and forest heritage”.

Given the possibility that it could have been provoked, he explained that nothing can be ruled out, but that the investigative brigade is “very focused on determining if there is anyone behind this fire who could have started it on purpose,” he recalled in the last four days There have been several attempts in this area.

“Zero tolerance and no impunity for those who commit a crime,” stressed the adviser, reiterating that the government “will not stop trying to find out what the origin was and that if it was provoked, as the evidence suggests, leave the full weight of the law on him.”


He also took the opportunity to defend the position of the Government of Castile-La Mancha that “it wants to have a consolidated system that works 365 days a year”, recalling that this year almost 100 million euros will be spent on prevention and Eradication “is not a waste In this sense, the adviser pointed out that so far in the campaign since June 1, Castilla-La Mancha has also acted on the fringes in up to seven autonomous communities.

“In addition to defending our natural heritage, we also work with the communities that need it,” referring to Aragon, which she asked for help yesterday, but also with Castilla y León, Catalonia, Navarra or Extremadura, among others.

It was also postulated to offer Castilla-La Mancha to set up a European reference center for prevention and eradication in Spain.

“This region would be perfectly prepared and is a good example and benchmark and has hard earned it,” he added.

In conclusion, he underlined the great collaboration of all the administrations and that of the different devices with which they worked: Infocam, environmental agents, technical staff and forest firefighters, the media involved in the wiping out of other communities and the Government of Spain, especially the Emergency Unit and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which has been working on these tasks since yesterday, and the state security forces and organs.

Source europapress.es

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