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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Fabulous Week Starting July 25

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Fabulous Week Starting July 25

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In the new week, stars build self-reliance and self-confidence. You can find out which zodiac signs are the best overall here.

Two cosmic events are significant during the last week of July this year, both taking place on Thursday, July 28: a new moon and a retrograde Jupiter.

Charged with the energy of Cancer, the new moon encourages you to think about your personal wants, desires, and needs. This makes some people feel like they want to reorient themselves in their lives and adjust their real daily priorities more to their real values.

Lucky planet Jupiter going retrograde might seem alarming at first, but there’s no need to worry: Jupiter retrograde doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of luck. Rather, expect the planet’s apparent shift in direction to provide the impetus to take destiny into your own hands and actively shape your own life. Since Jupiter is currently in the fire sign Aries and the Sun gives confidence and energy with its Leo energy, most people are currently filled with passion and spirit. In this regard, now is a good time to engage in courageous risks.

The following three zodiac signs can count on particularly positive influences and energies from our universe in the week of July 25-31.

Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs having a fabulous week from July 25


Aquarians can clarify some important questions this week. Who am I? What can I? Who do I want to be? Answering this now seems almost easy to you – although your own answers may surprise you. Saturn gives you a natural, confident aura that inspires respect and sympathy from others.


Leos feel energetic and at peace this week. You know the only way to be the best version of yourself is to treat yourself with care and respect. Putting this knowledge into practice will have a positive impact on your well-being, productivity, and relationships.


Virgos are having a little trouble finding balance this week, but they find the experience very healing and concise: priorities are key in life, and there’s nothing wrong with putting the balls aside with which we cannot juggle at the moment. Even though it’s hard, a mindful break is extremely good for you and can have a lasting effect.

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