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3 Steps You Must Take Now To Get Rid Of Pesky Pimples In Two Days

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Many women suffer from the appearance of unwanted pimples on the face, which negatively affects their appearance and pushes them to seek solutions to this problem.

With this in mind, beauty expert and former Vogue Australia beauty editor Sigourney Cantello shared with the British Daily Mail her simple three-step method to get rid of pimples in two days, as follows:

Clean the skin properly
The first step is to properly cleanse the skin of makeup and oils, before applying a topical blemish treatment, which is also used for skin care.

Apply the treatment to pimples topically

Like many women, Ms. Cantillo said she gets blisters frequently, which are often red and uncomfortable. So she covers pimples with medicated concealer or mineral makeup to reduce redness while allowing skin to breathe. Once home, she cleanses her skin to remove her makeup, then applies a spot treatment directly to the pimple.

Cantelo recommends applying the spot treatment using a very small amount of cotton on the pimple, and avoiding applying the treatment to the skin near the pimple because this can cause flaking and dry skin.

Apply the treatment on the pimples at night.

The last step is to apply a precise amount of the treatment on the pimple and cover it with a medical adhesive bandage, and leave it overnight or at home, to ensure the continuity of the treatment effect for a long time, and to cover the pimple and protect it. from exposure to bacteria.


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