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3 missions before the summit of governments

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Very important and sensitive international files and issues that the World Summit of Governments will open today at Expo 2020 Dubai, organized and sponsored by the United Arab Emirates, in an affirmation of its approach to supporting and endorsing initiatives that serve humanity and address challenges on the collective base. cooperation necessary to cross into the future with confidence and flexibility that responds to changes.
Today, the UAE brings together 190 countries in the largest international dialogue on an agenda of modern changes and intractable challenges, to seek solutions and readiness to deal with what benefits humanity and to prioritize the language of dialogue, understanding the other and being opened. to it for the benefit of all.

The participants in the two-day summit, more than 4,000 officials and experts from the elite of thought, administration, science and the economy of their countries, who will present their visions for the future of government work in the next decade at least, in light of geopolitical, environmental, climate, health, educational, and development challenges, decision-making in their countries by influencing their governments to adopt viable and feasible solutions to global problems, and without effective international cooperation , the challenges cannot be overcome. lack of cooperation exacerbates them and increases the suffering of more people.

One day before the start of the summit, the sponsor of the summit, Mohammed bin Rashid, in a welcoming message to the participants, reiterated the importance of this annual international meeting as a platform for constructive cooperation between governments, in order to improve the ability to develop effective development strategies and policies that contribute to the welfare and well-being of the peoples, outlining the priorities imposed by the current rapid and changing international conditions, and that the need today demands the development of new ideas, initiatives and effective strategies capable of doing face reality and meet the current and future needs of countries and peoples in a scientific way based on innovation and harnessing modern science and advanced knowledge in the service of the people.

Today’s meeting faces three main tasks, the first is to develop solutions to challenges and changes and develop the government’s work to keep up with political, economic, climatic and technological changes, and the second is to formulate a mechanism for cooperation on these issues, and the third is the impact of the participants in their governments to adopt collective solutions and the strong bias of these solutions, it happens in the far east and necessarily affects the far west and what is in between, and vice versa , just as the current war in Ukraine has shocked the entire world with its impact on global energy security, supply chains and food security, as well as the humanitarian aspect associated with millions of refugees. Climate change is the world’s most urgent .Its devastating effects for everyone without exception.

For this reason, today’s summit constitutes an ideal opportunity, in this delicate international situation, to formulate solutions, a task not impossible for the best minds that come together in the midst of a pioneering experience of development based on the spirit of cooperation and work in team, which is what the world needs today, and without that spirit everything will be threatened, and the lives of billions of people at risk. The UAE provides the opportunity for a safe step into the future, as long as they are aligned for cooperation and prosperity, as is the case with the UAE.


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