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3 historical events that changed the course of the Oscars… “War and assassination”

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Art award ceremonies, especially the Oscars, are held as a way to distract the public and art creators from the frustrating events around them.

At times, world events have overshadowed the Oscars ceremony, to the point that the ceremony was almost canceled or at least postponed, as happened last year, due to the circumstances of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic.

In the following report, the American network “CNN” reviews 3 political events that changed the course of the Oscars.

1- Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968

Human rights activist Martin Luther King was assassinated a few days before the Oscars, and a group of high-profile stars attended the activist’s funeral, forcing the Academy to postpone the Oscars especially from April 8 to 10. , and the ceremony began by paying homage to the soul. of Martin Luther King.

2- Attempt to assassinate Reagan 1981

US President Ronald Reagan would open the Oscars with a recorded speech at the White House on the impact of the Oscars and movies globally.

It is known that Reagan was a star actor in Hollywood before he became president of the United States of America, so the news of his assassination caused a clear shock.

The network claimed that the Oscar ceremony was held after checking on Reagan’s health and that he had survived the assassination attempt.

3- Iraq War 2003

The United States of America invaded Iraq days before the Oscars, raising questions about whether the ceremony should take place or be postponed.

The producer of the party, Jill Gates, said about the Oscar 2022, which is the most difficult in its history, since the organizers were forced to cancel the red carpet event and the public did not see the arrival of the stars to the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the American director Michael Moore condemned the decision to war, but the audience rebelled against him, forcing the organizers to ask him to get off the stage, but he managed to finish his speech after 15 years while receiving a award for your achievements. the entire work, and urged the people to resist unjust authority.

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