Princess Amalia will leave her familiar surroundings in September and move to Amsterdam for her studies. Now the heir to the throne has found her new home.

After graduating from high school with honors and being able to think carefully about the career path she would like to pursue in the months that follow, Princess Amalia, 18, has now made up her mind. The heiress to the throne will start her bachelor’s degree in politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam next September. The palace announced this at the end of May on the official Instagram account of the Dutch royal family.

New phase of life in Amsterdam

The court also pointed out that there is an application and selection process for the course “which the Princess of Orange took in full last year”. In addition, it was clarified that the “princess study time […] considered private.

House with emergency exit and complex security system

In order to be able to guarantee this, Amalia will live in her own accommodation with her friends. A dormitory room is “simply not an option for bodyguards”, says royal household expert Rick Evers. Justine Marcella, editor-in-chief of “Vorsten” magazine, also points out: “There must also be room for bodyguards in the house, because the princess has to be guarded around the clock. Of course, they don’t. do not. sleep in their room, but the house must be large enough for them to have their own accommodation.” The house must also have an emergency exit and a complex security system.

Princess Amalia has found her new home

Now it is clear where exactly Princess Amalia will live in Amsterdam. As ‘Weekend’ magazine claims to have discovered, the 18-year-old is said to be moving into a student house just a kilometer from her cousin, Countess Eloise, 20. Eloise has only recently moved near the Keizersgracht and will see her family here more often in the future.

As Dutch media report, friends of her parents are said to have gifted the 17th century house to Amalia. Before that, a son of the couple lived with friends in the spacious five-storey property and a basement. The house should have a large and comfortable living room, a kitchen and three bathrooms, and Amalia and her friends will also have a balcony and a roof terrace. The last security measures are currently to be taken so that the heiress to the throne can soon move into her new home.

Anyone who lives with Amalia must be discreet

It has not yet been revealed which friends Princess Amalia will be moving in with. Royal experts suspect, however, that they are friends who will also study in Amsterdam. “I heard that Amalia has chosen which of her friends will live with her. It would also be impossible if they were foreigners, they would have to be completely controlled,” reveals the nobility expert Sander Paulus to the chain of Dutch television RTL.

King Willem Alexander

After all, discretion is the most important thing when living with a princess. “If you’re doing this as a roommate, then you’re probably friends with the Crown Princess for life. After all, it’s very much appreciated,” says Justine Marcella.

Sources used: instagram.com, teda.dk


Source www.gala.de

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