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3.99 euros saved: this classic game is now available as a gift

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Jul 28, 2022 @ 7:26am

You can download the “Imperial Chess” app, which would otherwise cost 3.99 euros, for free for a short time. We reveal if the download is worth it.

The “Imperial Chess” mobile game is available free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac for a limited time. (Source: undrey/depotphotos.com)

  • “Imperial Chess” is temporarily free on the App Store. It normally costs 3.99 euros.
  • The mobile game features split-screen mode, iCloud syncing and more.
  • There are no ads or in-app purchases. It’s unclear how long the free offer will last.

You can regularly download paid apps and mobile games for free from the App Store. With gift campaigns, developers want to increase the level of notoriety of their applications and games and above all to reach the top of the download charts. You, on the other hand, save money and sometimes get really good apps for free.

in the App store Free instead of 3.99 euros*


Among other things, the mobile game “Imperial Chess”, which would otherwise cost 3.99 euros, is currently on offer. You can play it on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac. There is also a split-screen mode for two players on the iPad.

The app supports eight different chess engines, including Stockfish 15, Leela Chess Zero, and Maia. There are a variety of openings that can help you improve your chess game. If desired, scores can be automatically synced via iCloud so you are up to date across all devices.

Is it worth downloading?

“Imperial Chess” has been on the App Store for about a year, the first version of the game was released in May 2021. The developers promise regular updates with bug fixes and improvements, but so far it only two updates.

There are no ads or in-app purchases, the game is currently only available in English and Romanian. However, it is easy to use and should also be possible without extensive knowledge of foreign languages.

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iOS apps currently available for free

iOS apps currently available for free

For installation, at least iOS 13 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad, tvOS 14 is required on the Apple TV and macOS 11.5 on the Mac. If you love playing chess, you should definitely check out the mobile game, especially since it’s free.

It’s unclear how long the free offer will last. So, if you are interested, you should access it. If you get the game for free now, you can download it again and again for free, even if it is available for purchase again.

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