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28 police officers were kidnapped during demonstrations for the national strike

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Since the beginning of the social protests against the government on June 13, the national police have deployed their entire human contingent, 51,143 police officers, and logistical means which have been distributed in various strategic points of the country. The objective: to maintain control and public order, as well as the protection of the free exercise of people’s rights.

According to a report by the institution, there were various road closures, which caused a total of: 3,498 events of public order disturbances, of which: 169 police officers were injured, 28 police officers were kidnapped by the demonstrators and who have already been released.

Similarly, from the violent demonstrations, six police infrastructures: five Community Police Units (UPC) and a Police District were completely destroyed.

Concerning police vehicles: 65 patrol cars and motorcycles suffered material damage, including: 18 motor vehicles totally destroyed. In addition, following police interventions: 121 people were placed under the orders of the competent authority.

As part of the protests, there are twelve days in which protesters have caused acts of vandalism and destruction of public and private property, such as: patrol cars, motorcycles, police units; also, injured police officers and twenty-eight uniformed officers who were abducted, who feared for their lives, however, their dedication to service remained steadfast despite the circumstances.

The first incident took place on Monday, June 13, in the city of Latacunga, Cotopaxi province, police and some logistical means were held up, where uniformed officers were injured by protesters.

On the other hand, in the locality of Tabacundo, province of Pichincha, attacks against officers in uniform were recorded. Communards and demonstrators hit a patrol vehicle while throwing stones. At all times, the work of the soldiers continued to be focused on their constitutional mission.

Likewise, in the south of the country, in the province of Loja, the kidnapping of police officers belonging to the Judicial Police and the Environmental Protection Unit was reported, who were accosted by demonstrators while they were doing their job.

In the Amazon, Shell sector, province of Pastaza, a police server was held by demonstrators. At that time, after an agreement, his release was obtained, now he is safe and sound.

On the third day of the demonstrations, in the canton of Saquisilí, province of Cotopaxi, a group of demonstrators entered a private house, where several policemen lived, whom the demonstrators tried to hold back.

Similarly, on Sunday June 19, in the province of Imbabura, soldiers and police were escorted by a large number of demonstrators; 07 police servers were retained by the demonstrators, after an agreement a communication channel was created with them, which made it possible to protect the integrity of the police servers.

Similarly, in the Guayllabamba sector, on Sunday June 19, a police waiter and on Monday June 20, three police officers were arrested by demonstrators.

Finally, on the night of Tuesday June 21, 2022, in the province of Pastaza, city of Puyo, after the death of a person; groups of communities in the Amazon region began acts of violence against police officers and citizens, which resulted in six serious injuries and significant economic losses due to the destruction of public and private property.

Among these acts of violence, a police district, three Community Police Units (UPC) and eighteen police vehicles and motorcycles were totally destroyed by violent individuals; moreover, after a confrontation with the national police and the armed forces, they abducted three policemen; two of them were released in the afternoon of the same day, while the third was abducted while traveling by ambulance, due to gunshot wounds. Later they were released and taken to safety.

Source metroecuador.com

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