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26 percent increase for apartments: Gasag significantly increases prices in Berlin – Berlin

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Berliners who are in the basic supply of Gasag and spend around 12,000 kilowatt hours per month for their flat will pay almost 119 euros from May. The company announced this in a press release on Monday. The increase corresponds to EUR 24.50 and about 26 percent. The rbb reported first.
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For a single-family home with a consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours, the monthly price increases by about 41 euros.

“Renewed increases in energy prices will hit many consumers hard,” the statement said. Low-income households would be “advised and supported in a specific way.” The increase is explained by the high wholesale prices of natural gas.

The new customer fee will also be merged back into the basic service fee. This would make supply cheaper for new customers. (teaspoonful)

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