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209,691 candidates are applying today for 17,756 apprenticeship positions in the last call for applications, which meanwhile does not provide an overwhelming advantage

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A total of 209,691 people are invited this Saturday to the teaching competitions that will be held in 15 Autonomous Communities to award 17,756 places, mostly teachers. The areas with the most calls are Madrid with 2,737 and Andalusia with 2,538. The exceptions are the Valencian Community, where they started last week, and Catalonia, which will carry them out in the coming months.

The tests are taking place in the final throes of the heatwave that will send temperatures soaring to 38 degrees in places like Madrid this Saturday, prompting some union officials to distribute fans on the doors of the buildings where the tests are taking place.

The vacancies are temporary, ie to fill the posts of teachers who have retired or left the education system for other reasons. And they retain the punctuation rules applied since 2012, which give relevant weight to experience, but less than half of the rule adopted with the new regulation to stabilize the large interim contingent.

Opposition formation community of Madrid, this Saturday.Aitor Sol

The unions criticize that this year’s resistance will therefore not help to reduce the high transition rate in the public education system, in which one in four teachers is taking up his post on a temporary basis. The aim of the Public Sector Stabilization Law, passed in December, is to reduce the interim rate in all administrations to 8% by 2024. A reduction that the EU has been demanding from Spain for years. The union headquarters consider that the decision of the Ministry of Education and the Autonomous Communities not to apply the stabilization plan to replacement posts (there are expected to be at least 31,000 of this type by 2024) makes a reduction in the percentage of interims by target of unfeasible 8% on schedule.

For the appeals convened this Saturday, to which the normal rules apply, the applicants’ experience will account for no more than 12% of their overall qualifications. With the new system, which is expected to be applied to objections in the next year and the year after, the weight of the years worked will increase to a maximum of 28% in the overall qualification. Also, there are now only two trials (instead of three) and they are non-eliminative. This special and transitional system provides an even more favorable modality for intermediate studies, in which there are no exams but only a merit competition, and is used to cover those places that were temporarily and continuously occupied before January 1, 2016. With this double-entry system, unions calculate that more than 90% of advertised positions are awarded to interim applicants, compared to the 75% to 80% they typically win in a regular tender.

The stabilization plan, which favors interims, also harms inexperienced, mostly younger candidates. In an attempt not to completely close the doors to them, the Autonomous Communities decided to speed up the publication of this year’s calls so that they come into force before the government decree that establishes the new rules favoring stabilization. The decree of the Ministry of Education also finally omitted substitute places from the new extraordinary access route, as the State Council had ordered, which also provoked protests from the trade unions.

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