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๐ŸŽ“ What is the RVL cryptocurrency and what does it offer its investors?

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RVL Token: Revolotto currency that provides its investors with instant rewards on all transactions, protecting them through unique cycles of coin exchange and copy protocol.

Revolotto can be launched on its own developed blockchain, but Binance Smart Chain has been chosen for the time being due to the security and usability features of Binance Smart Chain, which are fully compliant with Revolotto’s terms.

RVL digital currency project

The main feature of RevoLotto is the depreciation of the RVL cryptocurrency and the constant increase in price, its 4D reflective features guarantee a constant increase in price to increase funds in the liquidity pool and decrease cryptocurrencies in the liquidity pool.

Special measures have been taken at RevoLotto around spontaneous combustion, but the amount of spontaneous combustion is also being increased, which will ensure that the overall supply decreases as soon as possible, so the price may go up.

Each trade automatically generates liquidity and the 3-month cryptocurrency owned by investors will be closed.

In addition, “auto bet” holders receive 6% of transaction volume instantly and can see their portfolio growth in real time.

To fully satisfy investors, not only is liquidity locked for 5 years, but the team portfolio is also locked for 1 year.

RVL cryptocurrency information

  • The total number of RVL tokens is 210 million coins.
  • Highest price on record on November 11, 2021, at $3.9001 (at the time of writing)
  • Smart contract address on Binance Smart Network: Here
  • Official website: here
  • The official Twitter account: here

How to buy RVL cryptocurrency

There are many places where you can buy RVL cryptocurrency, from PancakeSwap, which is a decentralized platform running on the Binance Smart Network.

RVL digital currency price

Priced at $0.1461 (at the time of writing)


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