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🎓 What is BTCA and Bitcoin Asia

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BTCA: BitcoinAsia’s currency that aims to transform the travel and tourism industry and brings together all the services that tourists may need in one place, without moving from one platform to another and everyone will be able to make payments seamlessly throughout your trip.

Bitcoin Asia, Bitcoin Asia World’s first cryptocurrency-based travel package company, tourists can now book entire vacations through peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency BTCA for the travel and tourism industry.

BTCA Digital Currency Project

With BitcoinAsia, everything is one-sided. The service provides a reliable and transparent gateway where people can make payments for everything. These include flights, transportation, meal plans, hotels, lodging, sightseeing expenses (tickets, theme parks, museums, monuments, etc.) and even travel insurance.

The platform also offers interesting payment structures. With BitcoinAsia, you can pay for services using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and BTCA directly from the platform. This means that you will enjoy a secure and fast integration of crypto payments for any service you wish to have.

BitcoinAsia currently serves Asia. However, there are plans to expand and expand its service offerings to other continents. Through its website, travelers will be able to check travel packages for Asian countries, get their personalized services and book these services instantly with cryptocurrencies.

This service is truly one of the most impressive and revolutionary products in the aviation industry. It points to the future, where everything you need is decentralized and pooled.

The platform has also impressively integrated cryptocurrencies, ensuring that people get payments seamlessly and don’t have to worry about their data being stolen.

BTCA cryptocurrency information

  • Total number of BTCA tokens is 1 billion coins
  • Highest value reached on March 25, 2022, at $0.000001611 (at time of writing)
  • Your smart address on the Ethereum network: here
  • Official website: here
  • The official Twitter account: here

How to buy BTCA digital currency

You can get BTCA tokens from the IndoEx exchange.

BTCA cryptocurrency price

Priced at $0.003578 (at the time of writing)


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