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๐ŸŽ“ Trust Wallet is back in the Apple Store

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This morning, Trust Wallet announced that there is good news for users of the platform on Apple devices.

Several hours later, Trust Wallet made a statement announcing the return of its official app on the Apple Store.

And trust wallet posted a tweet on their official Twitter account, announcing the official return of their trust wallet IOS app on the Apple store.

The announcement of the return of the application to the official store came after it was announced that it had been temporarily removed 48 hours ago, after the platform announced its attempts to find a solution to this problem in a short time.

The platform made it clear that the app will officially return to the store within the next 72 hours worldwide, as it has only returned in limited areas so far, and Apple is still working on bringing it back to all regions as it was before. .

The platform thanked all its users and Apple phone holders for their patience and promised to restore normal conditions as soon as possible and that it will add many new currencies to trade on its app.


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