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๐ŸŽ“ The NEAR team strives for decentralization

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One of the main tasks of the NEAR team is to create a blockchain network that allows cryptocurrency investors to control their data and money.

How do the NEAR staff get away with it?

In the past, Web3 was proposed to form a decentralization where cryptocurrency investors can control and transfer their funds without being subject to centralization like traditional banks.

The NEAR coin team is making rapid progress towards the main task due to the growing number of people who want decentralization, but they are not the only ones who are looking for decentralization.

Association between NEAR and Ethereum

The NEAR team built aurora with the ethereum team

what is aurora

A near and ethereum smart contract platform based on a decentralized device called an EVM allows anyone to create a smart contract on the ethereum network.

After the new partnership, Ethereum cryptocurrency investors can enjoy the benefits offered by the nearby blockchain, such as fast execution speed on transfers and low fees.

The nearby team wanted to create a smart contract that would allow cryptocurrency to flow between Ethereum and nearby networks in a way similar to the experience one would expect from web3.

aurora .societies

Due to the multiple partnerships with the new aurora bridge, the access possibilities are greatly expanded by powering all shared blockchain networks with the aurora smart contract bridge.

Aurora is currently playing an important role in the new financing system by interconnecting public blockchain networks and is one of the most active digital sectors with its very low fees and high speed of transaction execution.

Expected future developments

Aurora is still in beta mode, so expect more features and lots of new partnerships in the coming months.

There are also plans to allow non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to run within aurora to bring the service to as many as possible who want to take advantage of the fast and lightweight nearby network to realize the decentralized dream.


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