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🎓 Subscribe to KlayCity ORB Token on OKX Jumpstart

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OKX has announced the subscription of the ORB cryptocurrency through its OKX Jumpstart platform, with subscriptions starting at 2:00 am UTC on March 21, 2022.

Information about the subscription to the ORB cryptocurrency

  1. Time: 2:00 am UTC to 10:00 am UTC on March 21, 2022
  2. Sale Price: 1ORB = $0.035
  3. Exchange rate: Confirmed by OKB Rate at 4:00 pm UTC on March 21, 2022 before the day of subscription
  4. Total Supply: Quota Allocation Session: 10,000,000 ORB; Oversubscription limit: none
  5. Subscription rules:
    Minimum subscription amount for individuals: 1ORB;
    Maximum subscription amount for individuals: 50,000ORB
    Customization Factors – See the OKX Jumpstart page for more information.
  6. Benefits for KlayCity NFT holders: they can get an additional parameter bonus

Conditions for participating in the subscription of the ORB cryptocurrency

  1. Only users who have completed KYC 2 verification can participate in the subscription, except users from restricted countries.
  2. User’s cumulative trading volume must exceed $5,000 within 30 days prior to subscription.

Guide to participate in the subscription of the ORB cryptocurrency

Step 1: How to get the award amount

  1. The more OKB you have for 3 consecutive days before the day of subscription, the higher the participation factor you will receive for participating;
  2. Snapshot Rules: We will randomize users’ OKX accounts to count the number of OKB they have in their account per day, including Funding Account and Trading Account;
  3. If the minimum OKB holding amount, the average OKB holding amount, and the participation factor are different, the higher will be counted;
  4. View your quota factor – You can view OKB snapshot logs and quota factor on the OKX Jumpstart page.

    OKB holding Allocation Coefficient to Satisfy the Minimum Tenure within 3 days Allocation Coefficient to Satisfy the Average Tenure within 3 days
    [0, 10) 1 1
    [10, 50) 8 4
    [50, 100) 16 8
    [100, 500) 20 10
    [500, 1000) 30 15
    [1000, 2000) 36 18
    [2000,∞) 40 20

    على سبيل المثال ، المستخدم أ يحتفظ بعملة OKB لمدة 3 أيام: اليوم الاول 50OKV واليوم الثاني 2000OKB واليوم الثالث 3950OKB.

    لذا فإن الحد الأدنى للاحتفاظ خلال 3 أيام للمستخدم أ هو 50 OKB ، وعامل الحصة المقابل هو 16.

    متوسط ​​الحجز خلال 3 أيام للمستخدم أ هو 2000 OKB ([50 OKB + 2،000 OKB + 3950 OKB] / 3), and the corresponding quota factor is 20.

    We will take the greater number of the two that for user A the quota factor is 20.

  5. In addition to the original shares of the OKB contract, KlayCity NFT holders receive, depending on their levels, various additional shares.

For more details, contact the KlayCity project team.

KlayCity NFT Holders Level additional coefficient
Tier 1 twenty
Level 2 10
Level 3 5

Step 2: How to participate in the token sale

  1. OKB is stored only during the subscription period;
  2. The exchange rate will be confirmed by the OKB price at 4:00 pm UTC the day before the day of the offer, according to the OKX Jumpstart page.

Step 3: Stakeout

After the quota allocation period expires, the tokens will be credited to the users’ OKX fund account and the corresponding amount will be stored for the OKB. Any remaining amount of OKB will be released for subscription.

The quota will be assigned according to the following equation1 2Example
Users A, B, C, and D want to participate in the quota allocation session. Suppose the OKB snapshots captured in your wallets are as follows:

Snapshot TO B. C D
OKB minimum maintenance within 3 days fifty 5 500 100
OKB average tenure within 3 days 2,000 5 500 1,000

According to the table above, the fee factor for user A, B, C and D will be 20, 1, 30 and 20 respectively. Suppose the session width is 2000 tokens, then the subscription amount for user “A”, “B”, “C” and “” will be 500, 50, 1000 and 1000 respectively. The fee will be as follows:

for user A

1 3
User B


User C

3. 4

user d

4 4

What is the KlayCity Project?

KlayCity is a decentralized P2E (play to win) game based on Klaytn Blockchain. ORB$ tokens can be used to explore new regions or to upgrade existing regions and increase the spawn rate of LAY007. The entire game is decentralized and we use staking, minting and burning to create a P2E environment that doesn’t look like it.

The year is 2080 and the Earth as we know it is no longer the same. After years of global warming and pollution, most population centers have long since disappeared. The few that survived eventually mastered the LAY007 technology. The new generation has finally mastered the technique of cleaning up the pollution that affected the previous generation and making resettlement possible again for humanity with a single goal. Develop LAY007 and clear the land to survive.

The land you see in KlayCity may not be the same land you live on.

The goal is simple. Repopulate the land, collect resources, rebuild the population and expand your territory.

KlayCity is a P2E virtual world where NFT owners in the region can rule, explore and win while enjoying the gaming experience. The premise is simple. Take on 1,000 new commanders, unlock new maps by racking up your $ORB, and grow your empire.

Token distribution

5 3

release date



Based on applicable laws, users from the following regions (based on KYC information) are not allowed to participate in Jumpstart: China, Hong Kong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, USA . [بما في ذلك جميع أراضي الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية مثل بورتوريكو ، وساموا الأمريكية ، وغوام ، وجزيرة ماريانا الشمالية ، وجزر فيرجن الأمريكية (سانت كروا ، وسانت جون وسانت توماس)] Canada (limited to Ontario and Quebec), Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and Malta.

This project will only be available to eligible participants as determined by OKX in its sole discretion.

OKX reserves the right to disqualify or suspend the accounts of any Participant and forfeit all rewards of any Participant found to have engaged in any fraudulent or illegal conduct or activity or to have violated any applicable OKX rules or policies, any campaign rules or project, terms and conditions or announcements (as amended and restated from time to time) in connection with the Project, or with the intent to misuse this Project or to disrupt or impair the legitimate operation of the Project, as determined by OKX in its sole discretion.

OKX reserves the right to make the final decision to interpret the applicable rules and policies in connection with this project and to determine all matters related to this project and related promotions. OKX reserves the right to modify the rules of this project at any time at its sole discretion. OKX’s decision is always final.

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