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🎓 Solana announces partnership with PUBG developer and here are the details

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Solana announced a partnership with Krafton, the developer of the popular PUBG game, where she signed an agreement with it to create Blockchain and NFT-based games and services, in a recent tweet on her official Twitter page.

Solana head of game business development Johnny Lee added:

“We see gamers increasingly seeking games online, and game companies that respond quickly to this demand will be on a path to continued success.”

This partnership between Krafton and Solana may later result in in-game transactions using cryptocurrencies such as SOL from Solana. It is possible to see the NFT market in the game.

It wasn’t just Solana

As we mentioned in a previous article, FTX, a leading cryptocurrency trading company, announced that it will enter the gaming arena.

The company revealed that it is launching its own game console to focus on providing digital services to game companies, as an intermediary. This means that the exchange will support other companies that launch cryptocurrencies and offer NFTs through its platform.

It will launch a gaming unit focused on providing crypto-related services to traditional gaming companies. This will allow gaming companies to focus on development, leaving the token launch and NFT marketing to FTX.

Blockchain-based games are booming

A DappRadar report from January reveals that blockchain-based games received $1 billion in funding during the month.

DappRadar – A global app store for decentralized apps. The platform allows users to track, analyze and discover decentralized applications. Track over 3,000 decentralized apps.

According to the latest report from DappRadar, the numbers revealed a clear trend in the growing GameFi segment. It seems that interest in this world is higher than ever as money continues to pour into Blockchain-based online gaming projects.


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