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๐ŸŽ“ Revix launches new DeFi package

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Today, March, Revix has launched a new DeFi package that aims to invest in the top 10 decentralized cryptocurrencies (DeFi), weighted by market cap. Revix is โ€‹โ€‹a Cape Town-based investment platform backed by Sabvest, listed on the JSE.

Revix DeFi bundle allows its users to own a bundle of the top 10 decentralized cryptocurrencies instantly.

โ€œIf you believe in the future of digital, automated, decentralized financial systems, this is one way you can look at what will almost certainly become one of the fastest growing market segments in the crypto world.โ€ says Brett Hope Robertson, director. of Investments in Revix.

The Revix package currently contains cryptocurrencies such as Uniswap, Aave, Thorchain, Anchor, and many more.

Revix package performance

The Revix package has outperformed Bitcoin and traditional financial services over the past year, with returns of over 137%, far outperforming Bitcoin’s 63%, and also outperforming the traditional financial services sector in the US with only 36%.

Why invest in a DeFi package?

“The package configuration was designed after extensive testing with its predecessors,” says Robertson.

He added: โ€œWe decided to weight decentralized crypto assets by market value, rather than giving them the same weight as we did with our other packages, and this decision was made because weighting market value is better based on the Sharpe Index (which measures performance). of the index against the risk-free asset) over timeโ€.

Is DeFi Preparing to Disrupt Traditional Finance?

Global equity and derivatives markets are valued at over $2 trillion, an almost unimaginably large figure, and the DeFi package is poised to disrupt it, says Hope Robertson.

“With the DeFi sector currently valued at just over $190 billion, it has captured just 0.01% of the market and only represents 1.6% of the global banking industry, showing how much potential it has to grow.”


Cryptocurrencies have little correlation to other asset classes, bringing the benefits of diversification to an investment portfolio.

The DeFi bundle is one of the largest segments of the cryptocurrency market, and owning a variety of decentralized assets promotes diversification. The main benefits of diversification are reduced risk and volatility while still enjoying high returns.

Automatic monthly rebalancing

This bundle automatically rebalances (small changes in weight and assets in the bundle) on the first of every month and takes advantage of the most popular DeFi cryptocurrency opportunities by buying or selling each asset.

This dynamic and fully automated approach facilitates investment, maximizes profitability and saves time. “That’s what encryption was designed for,” says Hope Robertson.

A look at the most important components of the package.

One of the main problems with blockchains is that they can move assets across multiple blockchains, meaning that assets minted on the Ethereum blockchain cannot be directly used or traded with the Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin or Binance Smart Network.

One of the most interesting components of the DeFi suite is Thorchain, a decentralized network exchange (DEX).

Unlike Uniswap (the largest decentralized exchange), which allows currencies to be traded on the same Ethereum blockchain, Thorchain allows users to trade cryptocurrencies between multiple blockchains.

โ€œIn the world of DeFi, there is a huge need for network transmissions as more and more protocols want to integrate and collaborate with each other,โ€ says Hope Robertson.

All the assets in this bundle bring something unique and different to the DeFi space, and the bundle will be adjusted as new crypto assets appear in the top 10 rankings, based on market cap. This is an exciting space to watch for years to come.โ€

It should be noted that the new Revix package can be purchased from March 25, as the Revix platform offers a reduction in all purchase fees for the new package, from March 25 to April 7, 2022.

What do you know about Revix?

Revix’s easy-to-use platform allows anyone to securely own the world’s largest investments in just a few clicks, as Revix guides new clients through the registration process for their first deposit and first investment. Once set up, most customers manage their own wallet, but can access support from the Revix team at any time.


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