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๐ŸŽ“ Quest for the King of Cryptocurrency: A New Netflix Documentary

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The cryptocurrency sector is experiencing amazing and remarkable growth, which prompted many other sectors to venture into this field, be it sports, social, entertainment, and others.

Netflix sees cryptocurrency as fertile ground for movie production that keeps pace with the digital boom.

The platform recently produced a documentary in which the true crimes unit addressed cryptocurrencies. The film was produced in the tradition of “The Tinder Scammer,” “Crime Scene: The Cecil Hotel Disappearance,” and “Used in the Plain Sight,” where people will talk about something new.

The story about the fall of QuadrigaCX, a cryptocurrency exchange. The film addresses a number of topics, the most important of which are: What is the secret hidden by the platform? Did Jerry Cotton fake his death or did his wife poison him? More importantly, are cryptocurrencies locked forever?

As director Luke Sewell said on his YouTube channel: โ€œThere is only one rule in the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, don’t trust anyone. $250 million worth of bitcoins randomly disappears from QuadrigaCX, once Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and the only person who can get them back mysteriously dies. Greed is a matter of life and death in this true crime documentary about the rise and fall of QuadrigaCX, the mysterious death of its founder Jerry Cotton, and the victims left behind to pick up the pieces.

What does Netflix know about the QuadrigaCX platform?

Because QuadrigaCX is a Canadian company, Netflix has reviewed documents with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) related to the case. The executive summary alone reveals a lot about the subject of the documentary and the similarities to Mt. Gox, the Japan-based bitcoin trading platform that lasted no more than four years.

According to the documents, the fall of the QuadrigaCX (Quadriga) platform was caused by a fraud carried out by the founder and CEO of the platform, Gerald Cotten. After customers committed their digital assets to a company that provided false assurances that those assets would be protected, Cotten spent, traded, and used the assets at his whim.

Operating without any monitoring system or internal controls, Cotten was able to mine and use client assets for years without control or detection, ultimately leading to the collapse of the entire platform.

In similar cases, the victim is usually not blamed, but it all happened because QuadrigaCX platform users gave their trust to a third party and gave guardianship to an organization that had all the permissions but took no responsibility and no one can blame it. .

Interestingly, the QuadrigaCX platform has been certified by the Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Authority and the company has obtained a business license for FinTRAC money services.

What did the OSC report reveal?

According to a report by the Ontario Securities Commission, โ€œQuadriga customers didn’t know what Jerry was doing. As per Quadriga’s business model, customers have entrusted their funds and crypto assets to the platform. On the contrary, the platform did not provide any useful information on how these assets are stored, transferred and spent. Rather, Quadriga provided false claims about asset storage.”

And when Jerry Cotton dies, taking with him the private keys to the entire operation, all is revealed.

jerry cotton

The Netflix character Jerry was inspired by the Vanity Fair article. In the article we know who is looking for a Cotton Jerry. In keeping with the “Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer” tradition, the article tells what happens in the second episode of “Trust No One”:

โ€œThe most effective and comprehensive investigation to date was conducted by anonymous accounts posted on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Pastebin. His findings, while technically outstanding, can be summed up in a two-word epilogue: Jerry is alive.

The main post is not letting the opportunity to crush bitcoin go to waste. Speaking of the legendary Pizza Day, Vanity Fair says: “Bitcoin has become, like any other form of currency, a collective illusion: its value is derived from the belief that it has value.”

It should be noted that the Netflix platform did not specify a date for the premiere of the film on its platform, but it is expected to be within a month.


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