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? New job at Quincys Meet him

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Cryptocurrency CEO security is big and important business.

Coinbase recently posted a job vacancy with the qualifications applicants must meet.

The new ad is looking for people with some unusual qualifications in the crypto space, including “remote wilderness first aid” and “tactical driving skills, applied using a driver approach.”

In addition, the selected candidate must have a positive energy and be able to adapt quickly to the surrounding working conditions.

According to the announcement on LinkedIn, Coinbase will hire two bodyguards, also known as “executive protection specialists,” to help protect the company’s senior employees.

The job requires, for those who wish to obtain it, to secure travel accommodation for executives while maintaining their safety, as well as the ability to withstand the pressure of the job.A scene from the movie Bruce Willis

If employed, the applicant will receive an attractive salary of around $95,000, plus property rights and incentives.

In addition, the employee must “maintain clear professional boundaries” when dealing with executives and not be too friendly.

The job also requires good medical training beyond simple first aid proficiency and “extensive practical experience in the use of military jargon for employment outside the United States.”job ad text

Although some terms of the job have been copied or copied from the scripts of action and combat movies, the topic of security for CEOs in the world of cryptocurrencies is never a joke.

Celebrities like Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who are worth billions of dollars, have spent long periods of time traveling with bodyguards to protect them from attackers or kidnappings, but no one has experienced this kind of incident.

Beyond that, companies like Coinbase run security drills, where executives are trained to use keywords and other tactics if they are hijacked.

In a 2018 interview, a former military man who served as a senior security officer at Coinbase said his biggest fear was criminals who knew little about operating in the cryptocurrency space and believed CEOs could easily transfer large amounts. of bitcoin.

It is unclear why the new Coinbase positions require tactical driving skills or first aid in the wild given that most cryptocurrency events and gatherings are held in luxury resorts or hotels.

It should be noted that Coinbase has not commented on the job posting, including sarcastic comments about whether the ideal candidate should have the qualities of James Bond, Jack Ryan, or Jason Bourne.


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