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๐ŸŽ“ Millions of dollars: A whale buys a large amount of Sheba currency

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The data tracking website WhaleStats posted in a recent tweet on their official Twitter account, that one of the largest whales bought a staggering amount of Shiba Inu, as the whale bought over 3.7 billion Shiba Inu, with a worth over $89 million at the time. of the purchase

That’s not all, data tracking website WhaleStats also revealed the top 10 coins bought by the 100 largest whales, with the Sheba coin ranked 9th among the most bought coins by whales recently.

Sheba’s coin storage is constantly increasing

we used to, A whale bought a large amount of Sheba digital currency, and the whale bought more than 42 billion Sheba, worth more than one million dollars.

While small traders fear the huge fluctuations in the price of SHIB, the whales continue to show their confidence in SHIB by buying the coin whenever there is a drop in price.

The recent downturn in the market once again provided an opportunity for the top whales to continue the continuous storage of digital currency, as Whale Stats reported that the top whales had purchased 647 million Sheba in the last period.

Many developments are coming for the Sheba coin

Rain, the first platform authorized in the Middle East by the Central Bank of Bahrain, has announced that it is considering listing the Shiba Inu token on its platform.

A spokesperson for Ren stated: โ€œShiba Inu has been listed on our platform. However, it is not yet a tradable currency, and our team is working to activate it for trading, and confirmed that there is no specific time frame for when trading will be open for Chiba.โ€

Shibburn, in a series of tweets, also mentioned several factors that could push the price of the Chiba to $0.01, although this may seem like a far-fetched dream, promoting the price of the Shiba Inu aside from combustion.

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