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🎓 Learn about the SCY cryptocurrency and the advantages of its protocol

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SCY Coin – Synchrony Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency management platform that uses a sophisticated set of analytics and machine learning algorithms to evaluate and improve on-chain toolsets.

The main features supported by the platform are copy trading and configurable indicators, both of which are facilitated by the decentralized financial market and is a place to interact with the entire Solana blockchain from one place.

SCY digital currency project

Synchrony introduces the first on-chain copy sharing protocol that allows users to copy any valid transaction from another user’s wallet to their own accounts.

Copy trading leverages indicators to determine the criteria by which the copy process is a candidate for execution, ensuring true distrust.

Indexing Synchrony offers the first fully configurable, dynamic indexing protocol capable of evaluating any combination of on-chain tools to create automatically rebalanced, algorithmic, index-optimized pools for decentralized cryptocurrency management with no restrictions on existing implementations.

Synchrony is a tool to improve workflow and simplify the experience of decentralized finance and blockchain ideology.

Information about SCY cryptocurrency

  • The total number of SCY tokens is one billion coins.
  • Highest value reached on January 6, 2022, at $0.1006 (at the time of writing)
  • Official website: here
  • The official Twitter account: here

How to buy SCY digital currency

There are many places where you can buy SCY cryptocurrencies, including Exchange: Raydium.

SCY digital currency price

Priced at $0.01287 (at the time of writing)


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