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🎓 Japan is taking a positive step towards digital currencies

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On Tuesday, local news agency Nikkei reported that the Japan Digital Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) is preparing to release a green list of 18 widely accepted cryptocurrencies by the end of March.

The Japan Digital Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) is a self-regulatory body consisting of 31 local cryptocurrency platforms.

The purpose of this green list is to prevent Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges from having to verify cryptocurrencies with JVCEA every time before listing cryptocurrencies on their exchanges.

In an online filing, the JVCEA stated that green-listed cryptocurrencies will no longer be subject to review.

The new green list will feature some of the most widely traded cryptocurrencies in Japan, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

The conditions for adding to the green list will include listing on three platforms in Japan, with at least one trading platform that must list this digital currency for at least six months.

This new move will allow JVCEA to provide crypto investors with more options to trade on regulated Japanese crypto platforms.

Some industry executives have stated that experienced traders have flocked to platforms that are not licensed in Japan, such as Binance, due to a lack of options.

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