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๐ŸŽ“ Is BSV halal or haram?

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In case you are looking for the following question: Is the BSV coin halal or haram?, we will try to answer it through our understanding of the coin project, its mechanism of action and the services it provides.

BSV project .currency

Bitcoin SV is a decentralized digital currency created from the Hard Fork for Bitcoin Cash. It arose from disagreements between prominent members of the Bitcoin Cash community.

Its goal is to improve the scalability of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash so that BSV can be used as a global currency for everyday payments.

The original block size of Bitcoin is only 1 MB and BSV Coin increases the block size to 128 MB, which helped achieve an on-chain transaction capacity of 9,000 transactions per second.

BSV Coin operates as a digital payment system to make daily payments without the need for a central intermediary.

Halal services provided by BSV coin

  • An open source decentralized digital currency.
  • A medium of exchange and preservation of value.
  • Rewards for miners.

Sacred Services offered by BSV Coin

The Arab Bitcoin Academy website family studied the BSV coin project and found no prohibited or suspicious services it provided, which is personal diligence on the part of the website team.

Information about BSV .coin

  • The total number of BSV tokens is 21 million coins.
  • BSV Coin Official Website: Here
  • The official Twitter account: here

Is BSV currency Halal?

Based on the above data and the BSV coin project, the BSV coin is halal and we recommend investing in it.

How to buy BSV coins

There are many places where you can buy BSV digital currency, including: Kucoin.

BSV coin price now

$ 81.39


Bitcoin SV (BSV)


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