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🎓 How to get 1 free Bitcoin from Binance: don’t miss the opportunity

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The Binance platform announced an exclusive contest to win 1 Bitcoin completely free, where all you have to do is enter the contest and just click the button.

Contest Link: Click Here

Explanation of the contest to win 1 Bitcoin on Binance

The competition is very easy, but we have to show you how to play it to make it easier for you.

The contest is a 60 second timer, and every time someone clicks on it it goes back, the last person to click the button and the timer ends wins the contest and earns 1 bitcoin.

In other words, if you click the button and no one after you clicks and the minute runs out, you win.

Conditions of participation in the Win 1 Bitcoin contest on Binance

Each person can click the button twice:

  • The first time if you log in from your account and you must be authenticated (for how to verify identity, click here)
  • The second time, if you log in through your Twitter account, you must have at least 10 followers and be a follower of the Binance account on Twitter.

Other prizes of $10,000

If you are not the last person to click the button, the Binance platform offers you other prizes worth $10,000, and to get one of these prizes you must do the following:

  • Enter the game page from here
  • Login from Twitter account
  • Clicking the Bitcoin button
  • Sharing a screenshot of the result on your Twitter account with the hashtag #BitcoinButton and #Binance

The screenshot should look like the image below:

Binance Screenshot Contest

Also, the clicks that have large integers, you will earn $250 in bitcoin, and it is like in the following table:

binance competition

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