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🎓 How to earn $100 with GoCrypto Airdrop? (Photo)

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GoCrypto is a blockchain that enables merchants and service providers to instantly accept cryptocurrency payments where you can add them to your digital wallet and trade cryptocurrencies at low fees and very quickly.

What is GoCrypto Airdrop?


GoCrypto is now offering the opportunity to win a $500 GoC Coin that will be distributed to 5 winners via a random draw for everyone who meets the conditions to enter the draw.


the conditions:

  • Follow the official page on Twitter.
  • Join the official group on Telegram.

Additional conditions to increase your earning potential:

  • Follow the official channel on YouTube (add 3 points).
  • Visit the official website (add 3 points).
  • Airdrop for a friend through your subscription link (add 5 points).

Users can also choose the wallet address in which to receive the prize between GoC SLP, GoC BSC and GoC smartBCH.

The names of the winners will be announced in the Telegram group on March 21 and 22 on the official Twitter account.

subscription link here



Task completion methods.

First, you need to login by entering your full name and personal email.


The first task is to follow the official page on Twitter.


All you have to do is press the button to show you the official page on Twitter.


After following, you will be prompted for your Twitter username to ensure you are following correctly.


Then press the Confirm button to successfully complete the first missions.

The second task is to join the official group on Telegram.


All you have to do is press the button to show you the official group on Telegram.


After entering the group, you will be asked for your username on Telegram to ensure that you have successfully logged in.


Then press the Confirm button to finish the second task successfully.

The third task is to enter your wallet link to receive the prize if you win. We also note that the wallet link is one of the links listed in the above conditions.


Additional missions

In the same steps as the basic missions, you must retweet the following tweet on Twitter in the first bonus mission.


Follow the official YouTube channel in the second additional task.


Visit the official page of the third additional task.


All successfully completed missions are marked (true) and the number of accumulated points for the draw is also displayed.


So, you have successfully completed the Airdrop registration process.

heresubscription link

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