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๐ŸŽ“ Here is the STR token and its targets in the NFT market

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STR Digital Token โ€“ is the currency of the Stater project and is an open source peer-to-peer lending platform for NFT assets.

The goal of the team is not to distinguish between digital currencies and fiat currencies as a means of storing and transferring value, and that encryption be an open world and access and transfer of digital resources without borders and immediately.

STR Cryptocurrency Founders

Bogdan Paysino, co-founder and CEO.

Matti Petrucci, co-founder and chief technology officer.

Lucien Pavel, software engineer and co-founder.

Singh Giorbero, digital marketing specialist.

STR Digital Currency Project

The Stater project aims to bring decentralized finance to the NFT market by providing new ways for NFT asset owners to leverage the value of their assets without losing ownership.

It also aims to build an open source peer-to-peer lending platform for NFT assets and the governance of the project will play an important role in the whole process. Governance will vote and allocate STT resources for development grants, governance initiatives, strategic partnerships, and other projects.

By leveraging blockchain technology, we can build an ecosystem that brings value to users and not to the platform. The Staterteam will not participate in voting and governance proposals and will phase out internal project development with a greater focus on grants and community engagement.

STR holders will be able to submit proposals and vote on new updates related to the project.

The purpose of the Stater NFT loan marketplace is to facilitate loans between lenders and borrowers and to settle transactions in multiple lending scenarios.

The entire lending process will be done to Ethereum lenders and borrowers. This means that the NFT asset will be valued in Ether and the borrower and lender will pay through it, because most of the NFT assets currently on the market are made on the Ethereum platform. .

Information about the STR cryptocurrency

  • The total number of STR tokens is 100 million coins.
  • Highest value reached on March 30, 2021, at $1.7769 (as of this writing)
  • Your smart address on the Ethereum network: here
  • Official website: here
  • The official Twitter account: here

How to buy STR tokens

You can buy STR cryptocurrencies in various places, including Uniswap.

STR token price

$ 0.037010


State (STR)


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