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🎓 First decentralized platform to ban Russian users

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The Russo-Ukrainian war had a lot of consequences for Russian citizens, as many cryptocurrency trading platforms announced that they would stop dealing with Russians, but what is new is that decentralized platforms also entered the line and started the war against users. Russians.

The first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange “Matcha” was the first to start banning Russian citizens, as a message appears to the Russian user, when trying to make a transaction, that their region is not supported.

And a Twitter user by the name of “Banteg” revealed this first, as he posted through his account a tweet attached to an image that reads: “Exchange for Russian users is not available.”

After a while, the platform changed the message to read: “Trade in your region is not available”, without directly revealing the name of the country, “Russia”.

It seems that the developers of the platform only blocked Russian IP addresses, since users from Belarus are allowed to transact, since Chinese users are also banned.

It is noteworthy that the platform “Matcha” ranks second among decentralized platforms in terms of trading volume, and according to “The Block”, the trading volume in February amounted to 2.75 billion dollars, while the platform decentralized “1 inch” ranks first in terms of trading volume.

It is worth noting that the decentralized platform “PancakeSwap” also announced the blocking of IP addresses of users from Belarus, Crimea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.

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