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🎓 About 600 million sheep are on their way to burning today

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The Shiba Inu community continues to burn the Shiba on a regular basis, with the aim of reducing the circulating supply with the aim of raising its price to the $0.01 level and higher, as the main Shiba coin-burning company intends, later in the day , to send almost 600 million Shiba to an unusable wallet.

And the Twitter account shib_superstore announced that it had purchased 595,729,782. Shiba (equivalent to $13,356) to be burned later today during the highly anticipated Shiba Inu burning event.

The team behind the account, representing Travis Johnson’s Sheba Games on fire, confirmed that Sheba was bought with proceeds from advertising on some of his mobile games.

Notably, despite the recent 35% drop in shiba profitability, as the exchange rate is almost 75% below its October high, the whales continue to buy billions from the shiba, as reported by the U. Today, and before, an unknown whale bought 271,370,420,624 Sheba, worth $6,086,838, and another whale the day before bought another 50 million Sheba. According to IntoTheBlock.

It is reported that major cryptocurrency investors (whales) likely bought large amounts of Sheba to take advantage of short-term deals.

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