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๐ŸŽ“ 742 million sheep are burned in 24 hours

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The Sheba burn website recently reported that a total of 10 transactions were observed transferred to dead wallets, and one million (742.7) Sheba coins were withdrawn from circulation in the last 24 hours. This burn sends the rate burning currency to the moon, up 6793% from the previous day.

The ETH SHIBA account announced, via Twitter, that the first Sheba burn event was completed by sending (400) million Sheba to the dead wallet.

On the other hand, the 1CENT account praised the burning coins (327 million) through a tweet and shared a link to the transactions they made towards the dead wallet.

ETH SHIB & 1CENT do not have an official relationship with Sheba and are only 5-6 day projects that seem to be profiting from the already popular Sheba.

They also know the strength of the Chiba community and feel that the Chiba community wants a strong burn, so these new coins show their solidarity with the Chiba community for marketing purposes and claim that 1% of all fees of buy side transaction will be burned from the coin.

All of the above accounts are 5-6 days old, so readers or investors should be careful and do their research before investing in these types of newly developed cryptocurrencies.

All financial investments, including cryptocurrencies, involve significant risks, so you should always do your full research before investing, never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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