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๐ŸŽ“ 4 cryptocurrencies are likely to crash during the month of April… and here’s why

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After a bullish rally in the cryptocurrency market over the past week, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise over the weekend.

Bitcoin managed to close on Friday at the $44,340 mark, and in a short period on Saturday it reached the $45k level.

In contrast, the price of Ethereum (ETH) has been on a bullish trajectory since March 14, as the coin has gained 24% since then.

However, the famous cryptocurrency analyst called โ€œCorporalโ€, has another opinion, as he believes that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major digital currencies have no reason to rise, and predicts that Bitcoin will crash in the month of April.

The analyst explains: โ€œAccording to Elliott Wave Theory, which says that Bitcoin faces strong resistance in the $45,000-$46,000 range, the top cryptocurrency is expected to fall in a symmetrical triangle pattern to $23,000 and then extend the decline to $21.1K.”


As for Ethereum, the analyst says: โ€œIf ETH drops below the $2,000 support level, the decline is expected to extend to $1,300 and then $1,100.โ€

Ethereum Coin Price Index

Capo says that LUNA faces the possibility of falling into the $45-$40 range, if the coin fails to break above the $100 mark.

moon coin

Speaking of the Phantom Cryptocurrency (FTM), the famous analyst predicts that the coin will soon see faltering steps and its upward trajectory is coming to an end.

FTM Digital Currency


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