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๐ŸŽ“ 1.02 billion sheep were burned, and 244.5 million were waiting their turn

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Shibburn recently tweeted that in the last 24 hours, over a billion Shiba Inu were transferred to “Inferno” wallets, putting them out of circulation as the burn helps adopt the meme currency globally.

Shibburn reports that since last morning, 1,021,292,580 Shiba Inu worth $24,296 have been burned through 41 transactions.

244.5 million Sheba waiting to be burned in mid-April

SHIB Superstore, a company that sells smartphone games and Sheba-branded merchandise, and whose team holds regular Sheba burns in the middle of each month, announced that they have so far managed to raise $5,808 to purchase Sheba, where this amount will be can be purchased at approximately 244,547,368 Sheba, to be cremated on April 15, according to the company’s website.

Stephen Cooper is back and making a new commitment:

Stephen Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment, tweeted apologizing to his followers for his absence, stating that his company is making a new commitment to not only help remove the Shiba Inu from circulation, but also help with global adoption.

The company, Entertainment, is reported to burn large amounts of Sheba on a regular basis, but not on a monthly basis.

The company started burning Sheba, at the end of October last year, and since then, it has burned more than one billion Sheba, with the last burning ceremony held on February 14 and before that on December 26.

The company uses a portion of its revenue from the sale of Chiba products, NFTs, event tickets, games, YouTube, etc., to buy and then burn Chiba.

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